Our Staff

We are very selective in our recruitment of staff, although our strength is not only in the quality of the staff at the nursery, but also in the quantity. We always aim for our adult to child ratios to exceed those set by Ofsted, which ensures that all children receive care, support and attention at all times, and assistance as they learn through play.


"The bonds that children make with the staff members shows how consistent and loving the staff are with all children" A happy parent

"The staff always have a smile on their faces and are ready and willing to talk about your child, often with a little story of funny things they have done that day" A happy parent

"At this nursery each child is special and important. The dynamic and enthusiastic staff take a lot of care in really getting to know the children and make it a priority to know each child’s name from day one regardless of the rooms they are based in." A happy parent

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