Planned Learning & Development

Your children will be in our care during their most important years of intellectual and physical development. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

Through our experience, we develop and implement exciting programmes of learning, tailored for each child, and with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework in mind, in which parents are welcome to participate, so that all children can reach their full potential in every aspect of development.

Frequent observations, leading to ‘Learning Journeys’, help to track each child’s progress in all areas, which is regularly discussed with parents. We provide lots of opportunities for the children to play and learn individually and through teamwork, to develop their self-confidence and social interaction, continuously supported by active and engaging members of staff.


“The one-to-one relationships between staff and children is amazing. The curriculum is always respected and referred to. My daughter is progressing way ahead of her peers who are at other nurseries” A happy parent

“The pre-school learning activities are very well thought out and extremely beneficial, thus enabling a child to manage the transition into primary school” A happy parent

“Staff are friendly and professional and show genuine care and empathy for the children. They are careful to monitor developmental milestones, chatting to me frequently about his achievements… His Learning Journey file is excellent.” A happy parent

“My son loves the varied experiences he gets and learning appears targeted and really well thought out” A happy parent

“His learning and development over the two years has been excellent and beyond our expectations” A happy parent

“The foundation stage curriculum is very good and both my children developed really well in the Butterfly Room. They were well prepared for the school environment and often ahead of their contemporaries” A happy parent

“The Learning Journeys are well thought out and mean each term has a variety of new things to learn and discover” A happy parent

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