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What Parents say About Us

All testimonials below are in addition to those included on other pages of our website. All names and personal information have been omitted for data protection reasons. Original testimonials can be viewed at the nursery on request.

“A wonderfully caring environment, with lots of exciting things to do, where the children know they come first. Makes working life possible.”

“Both children have and do immensely enjoy their days at DVDN, their care has far exceeded anything we could have hoped for”


“This nursery is outstanding in every way… The staff, who obviously are very passionate about caring for children, the activities, the games, the range of food, the outdoor play – it all means I have a very happy little boy who loves nursery. He’s there full time so it’s crucial he likes it. He runs off every morning to see what that day has in store and it’s all down to the way this nursery is run. They are a fantastic team and offer outstanding service.”


“DVDN is a very special place, its number one priority is the welfare of the children and their care is exemplary”

“In a world of branded, big-chain nurseries, Didsbury Village Day Nursery is a total gem – an independent, really well run nursery where the owner and all the staff are so passionate about childcare. The children all seem to be very happy, confident and totally at ease in their surroundings. Nothing is overlooked and every effort is made to make the children’s environment delightful – in every season! Persuading our daughter (and her sister before) to leave each day is the only problem!”


“The good reputation is well deserved”

“The attention to detail and genuine care shown by all staff is exemplary. Every child is treated as an individual, with great flexibility and imagination to help them reach their potential while having a lot of fun."


“I can honestly say all the children are happy and welcome you with a smile”


“I have always been very happy with the care the Nursery provides. I feel that the children’s individual needs are well provided for. The staff are very caring and the atmosphere of the nursery is great. The nursery provides a very wide range of stimulating activities that both my children have benefited greatly from”


“I have seen a large number of nurseries and DVDN is by far the best I have seen. I would not put my children anywhere else”


“I find the nursery to be excellent for the following reasons:

Caring staff; wide variety of stimulating activities for the children; lots of outdoor play; healthy organic food for all meals/snacks; excellent preparation for school for the older children which in part comes from teachers at the nursery”


“It is an independent nursery that doesn’t use corporate spin and P.R. to sell its achievements, the results can be seen in the faces of the children that attend”


“Very caring, lovely cohesive feel among different age groups; large variety of activities; very stimulating environment. Truly outstanding!”


“There is always an air of positivity and excitement… and the children are always doing something new.”


“Very friendly and caring, where the individual needs of the child are foremost. The staff are highly trained and make the child feel loved and important. High emphasis on healthy eating and very broad learning opportunities are given to children to widen their experiences”


“Good, well-rounded education for all children – children progress educationally and are ready for school when they leave but have not been in a pressured environment, which is very important to me.”


“This nursery offers the finest day care for children available”


“The staff treat the children as part of an extended family and seem to genuinely care for them and take as much pride and happiness in their little milestones and achievements as I do!”


“Fantastic reputation, warm staff, good feedback from parents, lots of structured activities and excellent displays”


“This nursery goes above and beyond the call of duty!”


“She loves attending the nursery and gets very excited when we drive up outside – this is testament to the care, fun and love she receives from the staff. The nursery makes my life easier by providing an environment in which she can learn, feel safe and have fun… what more could a parent ask?”


“I can go to work 100% secure that my daughter is happy and well looked after”


"DVDN is a happy, secure, safe learning environment, which allows children to be creative and develop their skills. All 3 of our children have blossomed at nursery due to the individual high quality care and education they have received here. The care provided by all staff is priceless. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.”


"The children’s needs are paramount throughout the nursery and it shows”


"Sheila and her team work incredibly hard to ensure every child’s needs are catered for. They go above and beyond requirements… I trust Sheila as I would a family member to take the best care possible of my children.”


“The nursery is brilliant – my daughter has loved attending since she began. The staff interact very well with her, she gets to do lots of developmental focused, and fun, activities”

“We have confidently entrusted our four children to the care of DVDN over the past nine years and no better start could they have had anywhere… It is a happy, loving nursery where children get everything they need physically, emotionally and educationally.”


“A very good nursery with enthusiastic staff. I have recommended it to friends”


“Both girls are really happy. We couldn’t trust the nursery more”


“We moved him from another nursery and have been much happier with the nurturing and care provided”


“The nursery is totally independent – not constrained by corporate identity or rules. Children’s interests are genuinely put first over profit”


“It goes without saying that myself and my husband are extremely impressed with the level of care and thought that is evident in DVDN”


“I really appreciate the extra things that the nursery offers.” 


“The nursery knows and cares about each child as an individual”


“There is a lot of variety with work and play, focusing on a different theme every month” 


“We’ve always been really happy with the nursery – and more importantly, so have our children!”


“We’ve been really impressed by the knowledgeable and friendly staff that really get to know the individual child’s needs and make each day a really good mix of fun and learning by providing a diverse range of well planned activities”


“The nursery provides a caring, loving environment – it has only been 3 weeks and my son has settled, always happy to attend – due to the care and attention he receives. I leave for work knowing my son is well looked after.”


“The manager is always around to ensure the staff are doing their best”


“A caring environment with a huge focus on learning and development through interesting play”


“I feel this nursery is very good at teaching children and building confidence”


“I firmly believe that it is the skill and hard work of the staff and management that makes this nursery the happy and trusted place it is”


“She’s very happy at DVDN – it’s clear when I pick her up she’s had lots of fun”


“They are thoroughly professional

Everyone is genuinely nice

The set up is tip top

My son’s record of daily development is impressive

I know he’s well taken care of

Didsbury Village Day Nursery is simply exceptional”


“The nursery offers a fantastic, caring, trusted ‘home-from-home’ for our daughter”


“The staff and manager are pro-active and helpful, they share their experiences with babies and kids and they are always very caring with the children, always smiling”


“1. Sheila Seed knows every child individually.

2. Every special occasion is used as a learning opportunity.

3. Plenty of outdoor play and extra activities.

4. Very full flexible programme of care ensuring continuity for the children”


“It may not have the flashiest toys or facilities but the basics of core learning through play are all there and my kids are allowed to be kids”


“Great, professionally run, nursery that I would recommend. My son loved it and looked forward to going!”


“A loving, caring place with a personal touch: very educational and real genuine attention to my children. Somehow with all the busyness of the nursery I felt my children mattered.”


“The staff are fantastic and the parties very special”


“She loves coming to nursery – you can tell because she gets very excited when we pull up in the car”


“The staff, food, tools, ideas, variety are all hugely impressive”


“Professionally run by people who have good knowledge of primary education and raising healthy happy children”


“He has settled very well. Actually, I sometimes think he does not want to go home because he is having a very good time!”


“Cannot recommend enough!”


“Sheila puts her heart and soul into making the nursery the best it can be and a happy place for the children to be every day”


“I feel complete peace of mind because I know that he is being well looked after”


“She is constantly entertained with the varied activities… The main indicator of excellence is her excitement when we arrive on a morning”


“The activities he does are interesting and varied, and the girls who look after him seem to get on with him well and are professional in their approach”


“Very caring, lovely cohesive feel among different age groups; large variety of activities; very stimulating environment. Truly outstanding!”


“The nursery prides itself on giving the children the best start in life by developing their social skills and educational needs so they are ready for school”


“I have always been impressed with the nursery and in particular the excellent staff at the nursery… My husband and I want the very best for our children (of course) and we are delighted at how happy and well stimulated our children have been. Thank you for taking such great care of our boys”


“My daughter has been attending for the last 7 months and she has come on in an incredible way since then”


“From the first time I stepped foot into the nursery 7 years ago I knew it was the perfect nursery for my children. All three have gone there.”


“The care provided by the nursery is wonderful. I looked at many other nurseries before getting him into this one and found that non of the other nurseries demonstrated the same level of care, attention and interest in the children… I am confident that my child is getting the best care possible.”


"The things that I like best about the nursery are:

  • The fact that it is not a chain and the personal involvement of Sheila

  • Its location – very convenient (and not on a business park)

  • Its staff, and the fact that many of them have been at the nursery for years. It is the staff that make the difference.

  • The food – suited our family that the nursery was meat-free, and we really appreciated that much of the food was organic.

Thank you.”


“I like the fact that the children come first (not the parents!). It should be their needs, not ours, catered to!”


“Keep on doing what you are doing! An outstanding nursery!”

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